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CybSafe raises $28 million in a Series B funding round led by Evolution Equity Partners. [Read More]
Hoxhunt raises $40 million in Series B funding round led by Level Equity Management, to accelerate growth in new markets. [Read More]
SecurityWeek will host its 2022 Threat Intelligence Summit as a fully immersive virtual event on May 18, 2022. [Read More]
SecurityWeek will host its 2022 Threat Intelligence Summit as a fully immersive virtual event on May 18, 2022. [Read More]
Join this live webinar on April 19th at 2PM ET as we explore a multi-pronged approach to build a vigilant global workforce that reduces risk and increases our confidence in responding to emerging threats. [Read More]
Thousands of participants will respond to a series of simulated cyberattacks that crippled the government, military, and critical infrastructure operations of a fictional country. [Read More]
Hyperfocus and non-linear thinking have clear and obvious benefits to problem solving in cybersecurity. But neurodivergence is the minority, and like all minorities requires accommodation from the majority in order to flourish. [Read More]
PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) v4.0 released to address emerging threats to customer payment information. [Read More]
The three-day cyber exercise, Cyber Storm VIII, included over 2,000 partners from government and private sectors. [Read More]
The military’s involvement with information technology and information warfare dates to before the internet, so it has acquired a lot of knowledge and skills over the years. [Read More]

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The Defense Readiness Index is a reliable alternative for assessing a security team’s skill level, developing a roadmap for improving cyber competencies, and reaching the optimal level of cyber security readiness.
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As automation continues to evolve, a new approach to accelerate detection and response is emerging based on data and business logic to automatically trigger simple actions that can be standalone or be chained together.
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Cybersecurity teams must be much more inclusive in their hiring processes, if they want to hire the best people and have loyal staff.
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With the labor market for cybersecurity pros being extremely tight, the old ways of recruiting are rife with weaknesses and biases, while the urgency to recruit people is intense.
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By scoping job descriptions realistically and incorporating automation and intelligence sharing to enable analyst success and growth, there’s a lot that security leaders can do to help close the skills gap in their organizations.
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When organizations adopt a broader yet more focused framework for cybersecurity staffing, they’re suddenly positioned to gain a clear competitive advantage in the labor market.
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To sharpen and learn cybersecurity skills, security professionals need to ‘play’ in a safe, yet stimulating place that provides hands-on, interactive upskilling.
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In order to deliver on the promise of 5G, we need new industry standards for security, testing, and training to proactively combat 5G cyber threats and minimize risks.
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For red teams, using an obfuscated network for testing offers the advantage of hiding who is performing the attack and where it is originating, for a more real-life context
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Most organizations rely too heavily on their cybersecurity pros to protect them from threats, ignoring the painful reality that human error is by far the most common cause of security breaches.