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South American startup Strike Security has secured $5.4 million to fund an ambitious plan to disrupt the penetration testing and attack surface management business. [Read More]
Google and Mandiant separately warn that nation-state APT actors, ransomware gangs and private mercenary exploit firms are burning through zero-days at record pace. [Read More]
Despite an increase in attacks, ICS/OT companies admit that they turn off cybersecurity systems if they cause problems to operations. [Read More]
The FBI believes ransomware attacks against agricultural cooperatives could rise during the planting and harvest seasons. [Read More]
Okta's CISO issues a public statement to stress that the impact from the incident was “significantly smaller than we initially scoped.” [Read More]
Israeli startup SeeMetrics raises early-stage funding to build technology to help cybersecurity teams measure, track and simplify security program operations. [Read More]
While the median attacker dwell time has consistently declined in recent years, it has no consistent correlation to the breach effect. [Read More]
Thousands of participants will respond to a series of simulated cyberattacks that crippled the government, military, and critical infrastructure operations of a fictional country. [Read More]
A group of academic researchers show that video conferencing applications transmit microphone telemetry even when the user's microphone is muted in the software. [Read More]
GitHub warns that compromised OAuth user tokens were abused to download data belonging to dozens of organizations. [Read More]

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In addition to evaluating the core capabilities and range of intelligence monitoring, organizations must consider data source integrity, and perhaps most importantly, the level of expert analysis included with each service.
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Enterprises can't rely on Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) or Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools to detect suspicious activity on a user’s system to quarantine the system or even to reimage.
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Security and intelligence teams often lack finished intelligence, which leaves them ill-equipped to combat motivated and sophisticated adversaries.
Marc Solomon's picture
Security is a big data problem. Solving it is all about prioritized data flow, continuously processing data for analysis and translating and exporting it to create a single security infrastructure.
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The more you identify within your threat hunting program, the more opportunity you may have at expanding with additional budget. Never let an incident go to waste.
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We are a community with grand ideas around the concept of crowdsourced threat intel (CTI), but with little history or previous successes that show CTI as a viable idea.
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For efficiency and effectiveness, automation must take a data-driven approach and encompass how we initiate and learn from the response, not just how we execute the process.
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In response to a specific attack, it’s important to do external threat monitoring and threat actor engagement to determine if the actors are attempting to exploit or monetize the security event.
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As Security Operations Centers (SOCs) mature and transition to become detection and response organizations, they need to tackle some tough challenges with respect to data, systems and people.
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Once live stomping around vendor-packed expo halls at security conferences returns, it is highly probable that “Virtual Analyst” will play a starring role in buzzword bingo.