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Malware Takes Down Lumber Liquidators’ Network

North American hard-surface flooring retailer Lumber Liquidators this week revealed that it managed to restore most of its network after a malware attack disabled parts of it for nearly a week. 

The incident, the company said, was discovered on August 21, when its network and computer systems started showing signs of a malware infection that “ultimately disabled certain corporate and store systems nationwide.”

The company says it started remediation operations and the investigation into the incident almost immediately. In addition to mobilizing its own team to address the infection, the company also employed outside expertise.

“Beginning today, Tuesday, August 27, 2019, with very few exceptions, stores regained the ability to transact using normal point of sales systems, and much of the customer-facing impact of the incident has been resolved,” Lumber Liquidators says. 

To date, the company notes, the investigation hasn’t revealed any possible compromise of sensitive and confidential consumer or employee data. 

The retailer keeps the vast majority of customer and employee data, including customer credit card information, stored on systems outside of its network, which provided an additional level of protection in this attack. 

Lumber Liquidators hasn’t provided information on the malware used in the attack, but its description of the incident suggests it was ransomware. 

“Our first priority has been to continue to serve our customers and aid our store employees in that effort. […] Our diligent work over the past several years to develop system redundancies and business continuity plans paid dividends that were made apparent in our ability to remain open while working to restore our systems,” Dennis Knowles, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented. 

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