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LightCyber Enhances Magna Breach Detection Platform

LightCyber, an Israel-based security breach detection and response solutions provider, today announced an improved version of its LightCyber Magna platform.

LightCyber Magna relies on deep packet inspection (DPI) to profile the behavior of users and devices in an effort to identify anomalous behavior that could indicate a security breach. This behavior-based breach detection technology ensures that security teams are provided with actionable and prioritized alerts that can help them take measures before damage is caused.


LightCyber Magna 2.8 brings new features such as additional cloud-based threatintelligence via Magna Cloud, and expanded integration with Palo Alto Networks’ Next-Generation Firewall.

The latest version of the platform extends the Magna Cloud service with sandboxing capabilities that enable the inspection of suspicious files found on endpoints by Magna Pathfinder, an agentless service that increases detection accuracy and validates active breach alerts. Magna Cloud now also includes threat intelligence that helps identify command and control (C&C) communications, the security firm said.

LightCyber has also announced a new product line, Magna Probe. The company’s Magna Detector solution performs deep packet network inspections and dynamic profiling for detecting and validating active breaches. Magna Probe, an optional component that will become generally available in mid-February, broadens detection capabilities by extending network visibility to remote locations, such as branch offices. The solution collects and analyzes data from remote locations and forwards relevant data to Detector for profiling and analysis.

"The majority of large organizations do not have an adequate ability to detect and respond to sophisticated attackers who have already or will eventually breach their networks," said Gonen Fink, CEO of LightCyber. "LightCyber Magna version 2.8 introduces a variety of expanded features and functionality that even further enable our enterprise customers to cost effectively deploy an active breach detection solution across a distributed enterprise environment and seamlessly fit into their existing IT vendor infrastructure."

In September, LightCyber announced raising $10 million in a funding round led by Battery Ventures.

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