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Kaspersky Releases Security Solution for Android Tablets

Kaspersky Lab today announced its first security solution designed exclusively for Android tablets. The new solution, Kaspersky Tablet Security, helps protect tablet users with real-time protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans, bots, and more.

Kaspersky LogoDespite the fact that most Android tablet owners only download applications from the official Android Marketplace, they are still at risk. In recent months, Google has removed more than 100 malicious applications in the Android Market. In March Google made use of its “remote kill” functionality to remove malware from infected devices after more than 50 applications were infected with malware.

Kaspersky Tablet Security for Android is made to fit the specific needs, screen-sizes, and behaviors of Android tablet owners. Kaspersky Tablet Security is also optimized for a full size, touch-screen experience, ensuring easy navigation and smooth system performance.

The solution features automatic, real-time virus-scanning of downloaded apps, email attachments, and Instant Messages. By keeping malware from infecting the device, Kaspersky Tablet Security protects online purchases and bank transactions made from the tablet through the web browser. Kaspersky says that small, frequent security updates won't slow your performance, and ensures users are protected in real-time from the latest threats.

While this is the first version of the product, Kaspersky Lab says that new features for its Android tablet security offerings aren’t far away. The company said that in the near future, the solution will add protection for lost or stolen devices, including the ability to locate a missing tablet via GPS tracking; lock or wipe the memory of a stolen device; and remotely limit the content being viewed on the tablet. Kaspersky Lab has not announced a date when these features will be available, but did say that licensed customers will be able to upgrade for no additional charge.

"It is evident that mobile, connected devices will play a large part in the next chapter of our digital world,” said Randy Drawas, Senior Vice President, Marketing Operations Kaspersky Lab. “Protecting tablets from malware is a natural evolution for Kaspersky Lab, as we have always focused on delivering superior protection to our customers, no matter what device they use to communicate, store, share and interact with their data and online identities. This is just the beginning of what's to come from our Lab as more and more people adopt tablets as an important communications and computing device."

Tablets bring incredible benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency in the workplace and for personal use. But there’s a catch: "The ways smart phones, laptops and tablets interconnect work life and personal life raise serious security challenges for organizations—and the stakes are high,” according to Alastair MacWillson, global managing director of Accenture’s global security practice and SecurityWeek columnist. “In addition to being prone to loss or theft, customized hardware and open source operating systems mean patches aren’t centrally managed and anti-virus software isn’t often deployed resulting in an inconsistent security posture. As a result, the multiple security risks posed by mobile devices need to be carefully managed,” MacWillson adds.

Available immediately, Kaspersky Tablet Security supports versions 2.2 and higher of the Android operating system, including the "Honeycomb" 3.x version made specifically for tablets. A one-year license of Kaspersky Tablet Security is available online for $19.95 and includes free tech Support from live representatives from the company’s U.S. headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

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