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Kaspersky Lab Launches New Security Software Suite for Mac OS X

Kaspersky Lab, the Russian Internet security software maker behind highly rated consumer security software for PCs, on Monday announced Kaspersky Security for Mac, the Company’s new security suite designed to protect Mac OS X based systems.

The company says its latest Mac security offering combines real-time scanning, proactive detection and cloud-based threat intelligence to help protect Mac OS X users.

While Mac OS is still relatively safe compared to its PC counterparts, threats still exist, and a recent increase in malware targeting Mac OS systems has served as a wake up call. The most recent incident put Mac malware under spotlight when the Flashback malware ultimately infected upwards of 700,000 Macs back in March 2012, creating the largest Mac-based botnet ever.

Kaspersky Security For MacAside from Malware that can infect a users’ system, other Web and email based threats and scams can put users in danger as well.

In order to address other threats, Kaspersky Security for Mac includes a URL Advisor along with Anti-Phishing Technology to guard against fake or dangerous websites, a Virtual Keyboard to defeat keyloggers and screen-capture malware, and Parental Controls that can restrict content and Web sites based on category and content.

“As Mac computers become more popular, they become a bigger target for cybercriminals trying to steal as much money as they can for the smallest amount of effort,” the company said in a statement. “Even if you’re not concerned about the threat to your own Mac computer, your unprotected machine can even be used to store and distribute Windows-based malware to your PC-using friends and colleagues.”

In fact, a study released by Sophos earlier this year showed that 1 in 5 Macs had windows-based malware on them. 

Kaspersky Security for Mac looks and behaves like a typical Mac OS application, the company says. It follows the same installation process as any other OS X application, and is compatible with the latest version of Mac OS X - Mountain Lion 10.8.

“It’s true that there are fewer malicious programs written for the Mac platform compared to the Windows platform” the company said. “But that doesn’t mean OS X machines are built to be inherently more secure against malware, it means cybercriminals have been focused on attacking the platform with the most potential victims. As more people use Macs, the OS X market becomes a more lucrative target.”

Kaspersky Security for Mac is available immediately in The United States and Canada, priced at $39.95 for a 1-year subscription that will protect a single system, or $59.95 which includes 3-user licenses. Kaspersky Security for Mac is also available through Kaspersky ONE Universal Security, which protects multiple consumer devices. A free 30-day trial is also available.

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