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Juniper Networks Launches New DDoS Protection Solution for Data Centers

Juniper Networks this week announced the availability of Junos DDoS Secure, a new offering designed to protect data centers against increasingly complex Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Junos DDoS Secure provides protection against both high-volume and targeted application-level (low-and-slow) DDoS attacks by leveraging behavioral analytics and detailed network visibility to detect unusual activity from each user of a website and drop suspect traffic before it is able to cause damage, the company said.

Juniper Networks LogoJuniper said the new offering provides DDoS protection against “low-and-slow” application attacks with minimal false positives, as well as up to 10 Gbps of mitigation against volumetric attacks.

In terms of deployment, Junos DDoS Secure can operate in a range of virtualized environments, including VMware and KVM-based systems for private, public or hybrid cloud environments, and is fully IPv6 compliant.

Much of the technology powering Junos DDoS Secure was gained from the acquisition of Webscreen Systems, a DDoS protection solutions firm that Juniper acquired in January. Juniper has since been working to integrate the technology into its security portfolio, the company told SecurityWeek.

By using what Juniper calls “dynamic distributed threat intelligence” (DDTI) techniques, Junos DDoS Secure helps ensure that when a threat is detected at one gateway, all the other Junos DDoS Secure appliances on the network are updated with the latest information within seconds.

“The virtual Junos DDoS Secure offering provides large enterprises the ability to rapidly scale and configure a global defense shield using existing server capacity in regional data centers,” the company explained. “It also provides Internet service providers with the ability to easily roll out DDoS mitigation as an additional managed service for customers by leveraging their existing virtual infrastructure.”

Set to be available later this quarter, the solution will be offered as both a perpetual and subscription software license. Perpetual license is priced at $18,950 per 1 Gbps and 1-year subscription license at $8,950 for 1Gbps, with software maintenance included in the license fee.

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