Security Experts:

Job Seekers' Data Stolen in Hack of McDonald's Canada

McDonald's Canada said Friday hackers stole the personal data of about 95,000 job seekers from the fast food chain's recruitment website over the past three years.

The data was from people who had sought work with the company since March 2014, and the company said it has launched an investigation into the hack.

The web portal targeted in the attack, which has been shut down, collected job candidates' names, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, employment histories and other relevant data, the company said in a statement.

More sensitive data such as health information, social insurance numbers and banking information is not collected during the recruiting process and were not affected, the company said.

There were no signs so far that the stolen information had been misused, the company said, and apologized to those affected.

"The careers webpage will remain shut down until the investigation is complete and appropriate measures are taken to ensure that this type of security breach does not happen again," the statement said, asking future job seekers to apply in person.

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