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Researchers estimate that as many as a million IoT devices could be exposed to remote hacker attacks due to serious vulnerabilities found in Realtek SDKs. [Read More]
A few days after disclosure, botnet operators started exploiting a vulnerability that affects routers and modems from over a dozen vendors due to shared firmware. [Read More]
The connected device security provider plans to use the funds to scale and better meet market demand. [Read More]
Several critical vulnerabilities found in a Swisslog Healthcare pneumatic tube system used in a majority of North American hospitals can be highly useful for ransomware attacks. [Read More]
IP cameras from a dozen vendors are exposed to remote attacks due to serious vulnerabilities found in the firmware they all use. [Read More]
Pavel Tsurkan, of Estonia, compromised more than 1,000 computers and routers and built a proxy botnet he then used to transmit traffic. [Read More]
During lockdown, offices have been empty and quiet – but not dead. Networks have continued to run, and IoT devices have continued to operate unattended. Many of these devices have communicated in plain text leaving the networks vulnerable. [Read More]
NanoLock Security, a company specializing in IoT and OT device protection and management, has raised $11 million in a Series B funding round. [Read More]
CISA says Vue healthcare products made by Philips are affected by 15 vulnerabilities, including ones rated critical and ones that impact third-party components. [Read More]
WD warns customers that someone has been exploiting an old vulnerability to hack My Book Live NAS devices and trigger a factory reset that results in all data being erased. [Read More]


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Whether you work with in-house security resources or outside consultants, security experts are essential to help uncover vulnerabilities and offer recommendations to prioritize and mitigate risks.
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Safeguarding emerging IoT ecosystems involves embedding visibility and protection into the fabric of the IoT network.
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Unfortunately, the Cyber Shield Act as it stands falls short, since it is a voluntary program that does not incentivize vendors to implement the NIST security standards.
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Just as there should be consistency across network, endpoint and cloud security, there should be the same consistency in identification, prevention, policy and enforcement of that policy for IoT security.
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Enjoy this selection of top picks for 2010, listed in no particular order. Happy New Year!