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BlackBerry this week announced a customizable automotive solution designed to help OEMs improve vehicle health and security. [Read More]
Venture Capital and private equity investor firm Insight Partners has agreed to acquire IoT security firm Armis in a cash deal valuing the firm at $1.1 billion. [Read More]
Google disabled all Xiaomi integrations on Nest Hub after learning that some users could access other people’s camera feeds. [Read More]
Authorities in Thailand say they are investigating an apparent online break-in by a computer hacker that allowed him to broadcast surveillance video from inside a prison in the country's south. [Read More]
A dozen vulnerabilities have been found by F-Secure researchers in popular Barco ClickShare wireless presentation systems. [Read More]
The supply chain is an increasing concern for both business and government. It comprises the chain of suppliers providing components to product vendors -- and globalization has made it worldwide, deep and complex. [Read More]
FireEye unveils its Cyber Physical Threat Intelligence service, which provides organizations context, data and actionable analysis on threats targeting OT, ICS and IoT systems. [Read More]
An attacker could exploit a vulnerability in the KeyWe Smart Lock by intercepting legitimate communications to steal the key and unlock doors at any point remotely. [Read More]
SEC Consult has open sourced the hardware and firmware components of its SEC Xtractor hardware analysis tool. [Read More]
A group of Democratic U.S. senators is questioning Amazon about the security of its Ring doorbell cameras following reports that some Ukraine-based employees had access to video footage from customers’ homes. [Read More]


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Speech recognition systems make mistakes that could give cybercriminals access to a user’s home network. By activating a squatted skill, an unexpecting user could allow a malicious actor to extract information about their account, home network and even passwords before running the requested command.
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The ability to aggregate, score and prioritize data and alerts within the context of your environment can allow you to take the right actions faster to mitigate IoT risk.
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IoT security is a tough challenge — involving everything from hard to implement standards; hard to reach industrial components; and choices on how to integrate security around both older “brownfield” and newer IoT systems and equipment.
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Organizations are now running IoT application workloads in diverse locations that create complex ecosystems for IT and security personnel to oversee.
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Organizations can no longer afford to treat IoT devices as an isolated or independent component of their business, and must implement an effective IoT security strategy.
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Advanced smart infrastructure, cloud networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) add more points of entry and ultimately more risk for both network operators and end users.
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Since access control technologies are usually the first network element that a new device touches, they need to be able to automatically recognize IoT devices.
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Whether you work with in-house security resources or outside consultants, security experts are essential to help uncover vulnerabilities and offer recommendations to prioritize and mitigate risks.
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Safeguarding emerging IoT ecosystems involves embedding visibility and protection into the fabric of the IoT network.
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Unfortunately, the Cyber Shield Act as it stands falls short, since it is a voluntary program that does not incentivize vendors to implement the NIST security standards.