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Nest urged owners of its security cameras to use enhanced authentication to thwart hackers, after one terrified a family with a hoax nuclear missile attack. [Read More]
Mitsubishi Electric develops cybersecurity technology designed to protect connected cars, including their automotive head unit and control systems, against hacker attacks. [Read More]
ForeScout researchers create PoC malware that demonstrates how malicious actors could hack smart buildings and building automation systems. [Read More]
Despite the growth in use and the need for security in the use of embedded devices (IoT), almost half of all businesses are unable to detect a breach in any of their devices. [Read More]
Schneider Electric has teamed up with Nozomi Networks to offer customers advanced solutions for ICS resiliency and real-time operational visibility. [Read More]
Pwn2Own 2019 introduces automotive category – researchers can earn up to $300,000 and a Tesla Model 3 if they hack a Tesla. [Read More]
Cynerio, a provider of medical device and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solutions, this week announced that it has raised $7 million in funding [Read More]
BlackBerry is licensing its security technology to IoT device manufacturers. A BlackBerry survey of 4,000 people in the US, UK and Canada shows that most don’t trust Internet-connected devices. [Read More]
The US tech industry is weathering a crisis of confidence over data protection and a difficult geopolitical situation, with record sales expected in 2019, say organizers of the Consumer Electronics Show. [Read More]
The Novidade exploit kit is targeting home and small office routers in an attempt to compromise the mobile devices or desktop computers connected to the routers. [Read More]


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Safeguarding emerging IoT ecosystems involves embedding visibility and protection into the fabric of the IoT network.
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Unfortunately, the Cyber Shield Act as it stands falls short, since it is a voluntary program that does not incentivize vendors to implement the NIST security standards.
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Just as there should be consistency across network, endpoint and cloud security, there should be the same consistency in identification, prevention, policy and enforcement of that policy for IoT security.
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Enjoy this selection of top picks for 2010, listed in no particular order. Happy New Year!