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Intel Improves Hardware Shield in New 10th Gen Core vPro Processors

Intel on Wednesday announced its new 10th Gen Core vPro processors, which include an enhanced version of Hardware Shield that provides advanced threat detection capabilities.

According to Intel, its new Core vPro processors are designed to provide better performance, built-in security features, and fast and reliable connectivity with integrated Wi-Fi 6.

In terms of security, the new processors include Hardware Shield, a component of the vPro platform that is designed to improve the security of a device by locking down the hardware to protect the BIOS and preventing attackers from compromising the operating system through malicious code injections.vPro processors with Hardware Shield

The Hardware Shield in the latest vPro version brings new threat detection capabilities that leverage the power of the GPU in order to ensure minimal impact on the CPU’s performance.

“Intel Hardware Shield now includes advanced threat detection and extended protection beyond system memory to help improve the detection of advanced threats while reducing false positives and minimizing performance impact,” Intel told SecurityWeek.

The list of security features in Hardware Shield also includes runtime BIOS resilience, trusted execution technology, system security reports, and system resource defenses.

According to Intel, Hardware Shield “helps ensure the OS runs on legitimate hardware, and delivers hardware-to-OS security reporting to enable your OS to enforce a more comprehensive security policy.”

The vPro platform also includes Transparent Supply Chain, which provides a mechanism for confirming that a component is authentic. The chipmaker also announced that systems based on the vPro platform provide hardware support for various security services in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise.

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