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Intego, ESET Update Mac OS X Security Suites

Mac security software maker Intego released is 2013 line of antivirus and security products for the Mac OS X, along with ESET who launched its latest Mac specific security suite late last month.

Mac security software maker Intego released is 2013 line of antivirus and security products for the Mac OS X, along with ESET who launched its latest Mac specific security suite late last month.

The Mac Internet Security Premium 2013 integrates Virus Barrier 2013, Net Barrier 2013, and Identity Scrubber into one bundle, Intego said Wednesday. The combination is designed to protect users from malware and network attacks, as well as data exposure in case the Mac is stolen or lost. Mac Premium Bundle 2013 starts at $69.99, according to the Intego website. Other bundles with different combination of Intego products are also available.

Designed to protect all aspects of the user’s digital life, the entire product line has been refreshed with an intuitive, streamlined user experience that requires almost no configuration out of the box, Intego said. With helpful notifications and alerts built-in to each product component, the new lineup offers layered security that takes guesswork out of protecting their digital assets and identity, Intego said.

Customers who buy or upgrade to the latest Mac Premium Bundle will have Virus Barrier for anti-malware protection while NetBarrier protects data from unauthorized access. A 5-Mac license for VirusBarrier 2013 starts at $179.99, and $89.99 for NetBarrier 2013.

A new product, Identity Scrubber, scans the computer and identifies all instances of sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, bank account numbers, addresses, driver’s license numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, internal codes, and employee records, to name just a few. Identity Scrubber can scan files as well as emails stored on the Mac. Once identified, the data can either be encrypted or deleted. If the user decides to delete the personal information, the software “shreds” the data so that all traces are removed, Intego said on its Website.

A single user license for Identity Scrubber 2013 is available for $49.99.

“With the growing popularity of the Mac, hackers and cyber-criminals are seeing a larger market to exploit for malicious purposes,” Jeff Erwin, CEO of Intego, said in a statement.

Nearly three-quarters of Mac OS users still don’t use dedicated security software to protect their Macs, he said.

Intego’s announcement comes two weeks after ESET released its latest Mac security suite with over a dozen new or enhanced security features. The company launched the ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security at the 2013 Macworld/iWorld Conference in San Francisco on Jan. 31. Both Cyber Security and Cyber Security Pro “add an extra layer of protection to the built-in Apple Internet security features,” the company said.

ESET Cyber Security Pro includes Parental Control to allow parents to block and limit children’s online activity and a Personal Firewall to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the Mac remotely. Both Cyber Security and Cyber Security Pro features improved browsing with Web and Email Scanning, the ability to scan removable devices, and access to cloud-based scanning using the ESET LiveGrid. LiveGrid is a cloud service with analyzes global threats, attack vectors and patterns to identify threats as well as “safe” files.

ESET Cyber Security starts at $39.99 MSRP and ESET Cyber Security Pro starts at $59.99, the company said.

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