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INSIDE Secure to Provide NFC Technology to Intel

France based INSIDE Secure, a provider of semiconductor solutions for secure transactions and digital identity, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to provide Intel with INSIDE’s Near Field Communication (NFC) products and technologies.

NFC Technology IntelNFC is a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology that enables data to be exchanged between devices over a very short (a few centimeters) distance.

Under the agreement, Intel will gain access to INSIDE’s software, firmware and core hardware technology for development of future Intel products. In addition, INSIDE will provide Intel’s Mobile Wireless Group with access to NFC solutions based on INSIDE’s MicroRead, SecuRead and Open NFC products. Open NFC has become recognized as an open solution for NFC enablement on mobile devices, and has received significant industry support from a broad array of participants in the NFC ecosystem.

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"NFC is perhaps best known for its role in enabling mobile payments, but its applications go far beyond that," said Franco Bernabe, Chairman, GSMA and CEO, Telecom Italia in a statement earlier this year. "NFC represents an important innovation opportunity, and will facilitate a wide range of interesting services and applications for consumers, such as mobile ticketing, mobile couponing, the exchange of information and content, control access to cars, homes, hotels, offices car parks and much more."

“NFC is gaining traction in many markets as one of the most convenient ways to use consumer electronic devices for payments and retail commerce transactions, for access to facilities and information, and a host of other applications,” said Aicha Evans, vice-president and general manager of Intel's Mobile Wireless Group. “We look forward to working with INSIDE to develop and bring to market a range of exciting connectivity solutions for mainstream consumer products that incorporate NFC features.”

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to work alongside Intel in the development of scalable NFC solutions for the industry,” said Charles Walton, chief operating officer for INSIDE Secure. “Working with an industry leader like Intel will play a significant role in the mainstream rollout of NFC.”

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