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Identropy Launches Cloud-Based Identity Access Management Service

Identity Management vendor Identropy has launched its cloud-based identity service and put an emphasis on ease-of-use and deployment in its bid to take identity access management off-premise.

Identropy's SCUID Lifecycle focuses on providing provisioning and governance as a service for both cloud-based and on-premise applications.

Identropy“What we have done with SCUID Lifecycle is inject a level of usability and simplicity that has been lacking in identity management software suites,” said Victor Barris, CEO of Identropy, in a statement. "By providing an Identity Management platform with which IDM stakeholders can easily engage, we’ve made it possible for organizations to truly delegate identity administration where it belongs, enabling them to derive maximum value from their investment."

The service is targeted at medium to large enterprises that have reached a critical mass in regards to the numbers of identities they have to manage, said Ranjeet Vidwans, vice president of marketing and business development at Identropy.

The fact that it is in the cloud means that organizations can avoid the lengthy setup involved in on-premise deployments, he added. In addition, the company has dozens of templates for common workflows and processes used by customers that can save time as well, he told SecurityWeek.

In its approach, Identropy has emphasized usability by non-technical people, including features such as "smart suggestions" for the most common types of user provisioning as well as templates for access approvers, noted Wendy Nather, an analyst with the 451 Group.

"They were one of the first cloud IAM vendors I've seen that really gets the problem of multi-contextual identities and matrixed entitlements," she said. "They support different approval stages within the workflow to accommodate different types of approvers, such as managers, application owners, and

According to a Gartner report entitled "A Guide to Making the Right Choices in the Expanding IDaaS Market" from April 2012, the market for identity and access management as a service is nascent, but is growing as identity and access management as a service (IDaaS) vendors win over enterprises looking to support Web-architected applications.

"The market (for cloud identity services) is growing quite a bit, particularly for SaaS account management," Nather said. "There are some differences in approach, but a lot of vendors are jumping into it. I think we'll see some consolidation within the next two to three years, because there are just too many options out there and it's confusing for the customer."

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