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A total of 17 vulnerabilities have been found in an industrial router made by InHand Networks, including flaws that can be chained to achieve root access by getting a user to click on a link. [Read More]
ICS Patch Tuesday — Siemens and Schneider Electric have released a total of 15 new advisories that address 43 vulnerabilities. [Read More]
Join SecurityWeek and Microsoft for at live webinar to learn about live zero trust enablement through monitoring and automation of IoT/OT environments. [Read More]
Microsoft launched new managed services styled as a combination of technologies, threat intelligence and skilled personnel to help businesses hunt for signs of compromise or outsource the handling of detection and response incidents. [Read More]
One year after the cyberattack, the US Department of Transportation has proposed a fine of nearly $1 million to Colonial Pipeline over control room management failures. [Read More]
OT security solutions provider Network Perception raises $13 million in Series A funding. [Read More]
Turkey-based industrial and financial conglomerate Sabanci Group has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in OT cybersecurity company Radiflow for $45 million. [Read More]
Researchers discovered that the brake controllers found on many tractor-trailers in North America are susceptible to remote hacker attacks. [Read More]
Several critical and high-severity vulnerabilities have been found to affect SmartPTT and SmartICS industrial products. [Read More]
Pwn2Own Miami 2022, a hacking contest focusing on industrial control systems (ICS), has come to an end, with contestants earning a total of $400,000 for their exploits. [Read More]


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There are seven immediate steps you can take to put your organization on the path toward better situational awareness and risk reduction to protect critical infrastructure.
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The biggest advantage defenders have as the nature of the conflict and strategies evolve, is to know their networks better than the adversary.
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We must encourage the growth of research communities to help strengthen industrial cybersecurity, and we need to act fast.
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Given the range and complexity of XIoT, it’s understandable that CISOs want to have a comprehensive view across all aspects and elements of their networks, spanning industrial, healthcare, and enterprise environments.
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Under the leadership of Jen Easterly, CISA launch several key initiatives to significantly increase government collaboration among federal agencies as well as with the private sector.
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Critical infrastructure companies need to think of cybersecurity holistically, enabled by a single SOC to protect these once-separate environments in a holistic manner.
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If you’re a CISO or security leader, here are three questions to ask yourself as you consider this legislation and look to improve the security posture of your OT environment.
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Whether your company is assessing your existing capability to detect and respond to threats within your OT environment or considering new solutions, these three questions can help guide your evaluation:
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Wherever you are on your industrial cybersecurity journey, the important thing is to start strengthening cyber defenses and resilience now.