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Malicious cyber actors pose a serious threat to Europe’s industrial infrastructure, with at least 10 hacker groups known to target European organizations. [Read More]
Vulnerabilities found in Yokogawa’s CENTUM and Exaopc control systems products can be exploited for disruption or manipulation of physical process controls. [Read More]
The FBI received 649 complaints of ransomware attacks targeting critical infrastructure organizations in 2021. [Read More]
The U.S. Government has formally charged four Russian hackers said to be working with a government intelligence agency over a series of high profile cyberattacks that targeted the energy industry in the United States and around the world between 2012 and 2018. [Read More]
A researcher has found more than 100 building controllers located in Russia that can be hacked remotely from the internet, but he claims his goal is not to cause damage. [Read More]
At least 30 vulnerabilities have been found in the past year in the DIAEnergie industrial energy management system made by Delta Electronics. [Read More]
The FBI is warning that it has seen increased interest by Russian hackers in energy companies since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, though it is offering no indication that a specific cyberattack is planned. [Read More]
Plants at iconic Massachusetts dairy company Hood LLC are back up and running after the company’s network system was the victim of a “cyber security event,” but some school districts are concerned that they will have a milk shortage as a result. [Read More]
NIST has released the final version of a special publication focusing on offering information and guidance to manufacturers for protecting ICS environments. [Read More]
The German subsidiary of Russian energy giant Rosneft has been hit by a cyberattack, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) said on Monday, with hacker group Anonymous claiming responsibility. [Read More]


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