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Brewing giant Molson Coors said that a disruptive cyber attack, combined with winter storms in Texas, could cost the company upwards of $140 million in short-term EBITDA. [Read More]
Kaspersky says ransomware attacks on ICS devices decreased globally in the second half of 2020, but increased in developed countries. [Read More]
Vulnerabilities discovered recently in Weintek HMIs can give a remote hacker unlimited access to all functions of the HMI, which could have serious consequences. [Read More]
Researchers discovered several vulnerabilities in TBox RTUs from Ovarro that could be exploited for remote attacks against industrial organizations. [Read More]
The report details both the extent of risks and the scale of potential impact from cyber-attacks on the grid’s distribution systems. [Read More]
Several vulnerabilities were found in GE Universal Relay products and while some of them could pose a serious threat to organizations, exploitation is not easy. [Read More]
Molson Coors says said a cyberattack attack has caused delays and disruptions to parts of the business handling brewery operations, production, and shipments. [Read More]
Technical details disclosed for critical and high-severity code execution and DoS vulnerabilities affecting Schneider Electric PowerLogic smart meters. [Read More]
Siemens has published 12 new security advisories for the March 2021 Patch Tuesday and half of them cover vulnerabilities in third-party components. [Read More]
Mysterious cybercrime group has targeted industrial organizations in Europe, Asia and North America as part of an information theft campaign. [Read More]


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Let’s learn from the previous examples of economic warfare and use the detailed observations and recommendations from NSA and CISA to protect OT networks to our advantage.
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Three recommendations that can help foster acceptance for Digital transformation initiatives so that more companies can move quickly and drive business value.
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With the right tools in place, IT and OT teams can work together, leveraging visibility and continuity across the attack surface to govern OT networks with the same processes and reporting metrics.
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It’s very challenging for OT professionals to play catch up and close the 25+ year IT-OT security gap, particularly as the number of connectivity points grows exponentially.
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When your core business operations, digital transformation initiatives and workers’ ability to do their jobs are at risk, effective OT security must become just as ubiquitous
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Eliminate complexity, align IT and OT teams, and simplify governance are my top three recommendations for how to bridge the IT-OT security gap.
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How to secure your OT network without trying to repurpose your IT playbook and eliminate complexity in the process.
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As the size of the remote workforce surges, network administrators of operational technology (OT) networks find themselves on the front lines of enablement.
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Adversaries can enter through IT networks and remain undetected within an OT environment for months or even years, looking for subtle ways to undermine operations and create havoc.
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We are at a stage where adversaries regularly operate below the threshold of armed conflict, using their powerful warcraft for economic and political advantage while maintaining plausible deniability.