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Honeywell Launches New OT Cybersecurity Solution for Commercial Buildings

Honeywell on Tuesday announced the launch of a new cybersecurity solution for operational technology (OT) in commercial buildings.

The new solution, the Honeywell Threat Defense Platform (HTDP), is the result of a collaboration between Honeywell Building Technologies and Acalvio Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity firm backed by Honeywell Ventures.

HTDP leverages autonomous deception technology from Acalvio to detect known and unknown threats. The product is designed to lead attackers to decoy assets that mimic valuable IT and OT devices, while making it more difficult for them to identify real systems.

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Honeywell says the approach results in high detection and low false alert rates. The new product also provides analytics capabilities for confirming and investigating threats.

HTDP is advertised as easy to use and it can be deployed both on-premises and as a cloud service.

According to a survey conducted last year by Honeywell, one in four facility managers had experienced a cybersecurity breach in the past 12 months, and many respondents said they saw managing OT cybersecurity as one of their most difficult responsibilities.

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