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HD Moore Leaving Rapid7 to Launch Venture Firm

Rapid7’s HD Moore announced on Wednesday that he is leaving the Boston-based security company and joining a new venture capital firm.

HD Moore leaving Rapid7

After more than six years of working at Rapid7, first as chief security officer and later as chief research officer, Moore has decided to accept a friend’s proposition to help build a new venture capital firm that focuses on helping early-stage security firms get to market faster. The expert has not named the company he is joining.

“Since the only thing more insane than working at one startup is working with multiple startups at the same time, this seemed like a perfect match and a way to contribute back to the security community,” Moore said in a blog post announcing his departure.

Moore is the creator of the open source penetration testing framework Metasploit, which Rapid7 acquired in 2009. The expert says he will continue to work on Metasploit and will remain active in the community even after he leaves Rapid7 on January 29.

“We have surpassed every goal that I set when I joined [Rapid7] in 2009,” Moore said. “Metasploit is thriving. Our research continues to shine light on exposures both wide and deep. Rapid7 is recognized as a champion of open source development. Rapid7 is a solid brand name in both enterprise security and the security community. We have helped shape vulnerability disclosure and the politics of security research. We scan the internet, legally, and share the data with the world. We help our customers improve their security while continuing to support the security community.”

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