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Hackers Get Their Own Scoreboard and Rankings

New Community Ranks Hackers, Tracks Hacks and Points

Sometimes hacking is about money; other times, it’s about competition, and when that happens, it is also about getting a little credit.

RankMyHackEnter The site is described as the world’s “first elite hacker ranking system”, and invites people to submit proof of their Website hacks in exchange for points - the higher the points, the higher the place on the leader board.

“So far more than 1000 sites were hacked in this competition – including very high profile ones,” blogged Rob Rachwald, director of security strategy at Imperva.

“How do hackers get ranked? They need to prove they have indeed hacked a site – by inserting a predetermined text into the hacked site page,” Rachwald continued. “Rankmyhack scans for that text in the page – and gives score based on how popular the website is. Lower points are awarded for XSS attacks.”

There's also a ‘Duel’ mode where hackers can compete against each other in hacking as many sites as possible in a given time, and there are bonus points for hacking racist or edu, mil, gov sites. Hackers can also check how many points hacking a site is worth by typing in a URL.

Assuming the site is real – and early reports indicate that it is – hackers can now see where their hacks stack up against those of their peers. Will this morph into a playground for hacktivists to hone their skills? Only time will tell.

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