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Hacker Group Advertises Data From Multiple Fresh Breaches

A group of hackers has started to advertise on the dark web data allegedly stolen as a result of multiple recent breaches, including ones that affected Tokopedia, Styleshare, Minted, ChatBooks, and others.

Known as “Shiny Hunters,” the group recently claimed responsibility for hacking Tokopedia, Indonesia's largest online store, and claimed last week to have breached Microsoft’s GitHub account.

According to cyber intelligence firm Cyble, the same hackers have started selling multiple other databases containing what appears to be stolen user account data. The group is offering samples of data to prove the legitimacy of their claims.

Online marketplace of independent artists and designers Minted appears to have been breached by the hackers, with 5 million user accounts now offered for $2,500.

A database supposedly containing 6 million user accounts from South Korea-based real-time mobile and online platform Styleshare is also being offered, at $2,700.

Furthermore, the threat actor is selling 15 million Chatbooks user accounts for $3,500, as well as 1.2 million Bhinneka user accounts for $1,200, the security firm reveals.

The same threat actor is also selling a database supposedly containing user records stolen from Indian online learning platform Unacademy. Twenty million user accounts are being offered, for $2,000.

Other businesses appear to have been breached as well, with Shiny Hunters also offering for sale user accounts allegedly stolen from HomeChef, Ggumim, Mindful, StarTribune, The Chronicle Of Higher Education, and Zoosk, BleepingComputer reports.

At the moment, the hackers are selling data allegedly stolen from 11 companies. The group has been adding new breaches to the list at a fast pace over the past week, and might continue to do so.

However, although some of the impacted organizations have publicly announced being breached, not all of the incidents have been confirmed yet.

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