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Google Allows Enrolling Security Keys on More Devices

Google has announced that Android and macOS users can now use more web browsers to initially register security keys to their accounts.

Security keys are known to provide strong two-factor authentication (2FA) and users can employ them to keep their accounts better protected against phishing. Now, Google aims to help more users take advantage of the capability through making it easier to enroll security keys.

The Internet search company now allows users to register security keys on devices running Android 7.0 and up using the Google Chrome web browser (version 70 and up), and on macOS devices using Safari (version 13.0.4 and up).

The new enhancement, Google says, works both with security keys registered independently and with those registered when a user signs up for the Advanced Protection Program for the enterprise.

Admins will have the option to control the new feature using the existing settings for security keys use.

In January, Google announced a simplified enrollment process for its Advanced Protection Program — meant to help high-risk users better protect their accounts through the use of security keys — and the open sourcing of code for security key devices, in addition to releasing the design for a security key enclosure.

In June last year, the company started allowing users to activate security keys on their iPhones.

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