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Facebook Users Targeted by Ice IX Malware in Credit Card Grab

Cyber criminals are going after Facebook users with a new version of the Ice IX malware.

A close cousin of the notorious Zeus Trojan, Ice IX is a well-known Trojan. Earlier this year, a variant was seen stealing telephone account information belonging to victims with the goal of diverting calls from the victim’s bank and directing them to telephones controlled by the attacker. This time around, researchers at Trusteer have discovered a variant seeking to trick Facebook users into revealing their credit card information.

Facebook ScamsOnce a user is infected with the malware, a Web form appears in the victim’s browser when they log into Facebook. The pop-up requests the user’s name, billing address, credit or debit card number, card expiration data and card identification number. Facebook however does not request credit card information from users.

If the user enters the data and clicks “continue,” the information will be sent on to the attacker’s instant messenger application, Trusteer found.

“Our researchers have discovered a new configuration of the Ice IX malware that attacks Facebook users after they have logged in to their account and steals credit card and other personal information,” blogged Trusteer CTO Amit Klein. “We even discovered a “marketing” video used by the creators of the malware to demonstrate how the web injection works.”

“By attacking Facebook and other ubiquitous social networks fraudsters can tap a massive pool of victims,” Klein added. “They can also use the information harvested from social network users to perpetuate fraud on multiple in fronts including online banking, retail, and even to penetrate enterprise and government networks.”

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