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Euronext Says Stock Market Glitch Was Not a Cyber Attack

A problem that halted trading on the Paris stock market and others across Europe was a "middleware" issue and not a cyber attack, operator Euronext said Tuesday.

Trading ground to a halt for around three hours early Monday in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon and Paris, and the French market closed late, before issuing a statement that most trades made after 5:30 local time (1530 GMT) would be annulled.

"It was not a cyber attack," a Euronext spokesman insisted.

"It was a technical problem that has been resolved at the middleware level, one of the systems that ensures the persistance of data," he told AFP.

Euronext also issued a statement in which it presented its excuses for the problems and said that action had been taken to ensure similar problems do not occur again.

Trading proceeded without incident in the first half of the session on Tuesday.

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