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ESET Launches Security Solution for SharePoint Server

Security software maker ESET this week launched a new solution designed to protect company data and assets stored on Microsoft SharePoint servers.

Dubbed ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server, ESET says its new solution provides real-time protection for the server operating system and the file system. Servers are protected from threat vectors including those aimed at file system entry, drive-by downloads, or system exploits and vulnerabilities. Additionally, the product scans files for malware and has the ability to apply rules-based filtering to scan file content and validate it by real-file type.

"Communicating with confidence improves the quality of business," said Andrew Lee, CEO, ESET North America in a prepared statement. "Businesses in North America rely on SharePoint to connect and collaborate. With over 125 million licenses for Microsoft SharePoint, it was a priority for ESET to deliver a solution for this popular platform."

In terms of system resources, ESET claims that its technology uses five times less memory and eight times less disk space than Forefront.

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Other features included in ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server include:

• Preventing malware and unauthorized users from disabling the security of the system.

• Eliminating threats including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware.

• Performing on-demand or scheduled scans of any content stored within the SharePoint database structure.

• Allows administrators to fine-tune protection by applying setup rules based on file name, size and real file type.

• Ability to creates a bootable OS image of the installed security solution to clean deeply nested malware and restore system operations.

• Password protected uninstallation.

• Automatic exclusion of critical server files – recognizes server software such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft IIS, and detects server roles. Excluding critical server files – like data stores and paging files – from on-access scanning lowers overhead by reducing system demands.

• Identification of user accounts used in infiltration attempts.

"With an additional layer of antivirus protection from ESET, SharePoint users will not have to worry about uploading compromised files that could otherwise infect the entire database,” explained Ignacio Sbampato, ESET Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

More information is available online from ESET

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