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Entrust Datacard Acquires Spanish Firm Safelayer

Minneapolis-based identity firm Entrust Datacard has acquired Barcelona, Spain firm Safelayer Secure Communications. Financial details have not been disclosed.

Against a background of increasing digitization of both commerce and government, Entrust Datacard provides trusted identity and secure transaction technologies. Safelayer complements this with software for public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions, multifactor authentication systems, electronic signature, encryption and secure transactions, and for generating trust services in telematic networks such as the Internet and mobile networks.

The two key reasons for the acquisition appear to be geographic expansion (Safelayer is particularly strong in the EU and Latin America); and Safelayer's eIDAS competencies.

On the former, Anudeep Parhar, CIO at Entrust Datacard, commented, "At Entrust Datacard we are committed to being the industry leader in certificate-based security solutions across the regions we serve. As such, we look forward to bringing Safelayerís established PKI and Electronic Trust Services in EMEA and Latin America into our portfolio."

On the latter, he said, "The strong and talented team at Safelayer, coupled with their digital signature solution and eIDAS competencies, enhances our team and further establishes our commitment to accredited trust services across these regions and globally."

eIDAS, standing for 'electronic identification and trust services', is an EU Regulation that came into force in July 2016. As a Regulation it is required law in all EU member states. Its purpose is to enhance trust in electronic transactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities by providing a common legal framework for the cross-border recognition of electronic ID and consistent rules on trust services across the EU.

It provides a framework that allows EU citizens to use electronic ID to access public services in other member states; and establishes requirements for trust services and how trust service providers can gain qualified status.

In 2016, Safelayer became a founding member of the Cloud Signature Consortium. Its purpose is to develop a new standard for cloud-based digital signatures that will meet the requirements of eIDAS -- a standard that it expects to have a global impact.

In addition to market expansion opportunities, says Entrust Datacard in announcing the acquisition, it "also provides Entrust Datacard with Safelayerís best-in-class eIDAS-compliant digital signature technology. The digital signing solution is a comprehensive platform for eIDAS trust services that combines authentication, single sign on (SSO) and identity federation; the solution incorporates PKI for implementing electronic signature functions."

Entrust Datacard intends to maintain Safelayer's Spanish offices and existing staff.

This is Entrust Datacardís second security acquisition in under six months. The company made an investment in CensorNet and acquired its SMS Passcode solution in July 2018.

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