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EiQ Networks Launches Security Monitoring Service

Security information event management vendor EiQ Networks introduced a new remote management service today aimed at offering a helping hand to organizations looking to outsource security monitoring.

With SOCVue, the company is making a play to appeal to businesses dealing with limited resources. SOCVue is a subscription service that provides EiQ SOC analysts to remotely manage an on-premise deployment of SecureVue, the company's SIEM solution.

“The challenges faced by small to medium sized enterprises in hiring trained security professionals, and complexity of managing SIEM solutions coupled with the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape makes for ominous circumstances,” said Vijay Basani, president and CEO at EiQ Networks, in a statement. “Our goal with SOCVue is to deliver a simplified and cost effective offering for enterprises that are looking to overcome the security talent shortfall while closing the dangerous gap that can leave them vulnerable to cyber attacks.”

The service takes aim at the challenge of detecting and understanding security events. According to a recent Ponemon study, it takes an average of 80 days for an organization to identify a malicious breach and four months to resolve it.

To address this, the SOCVue offers 24x7 monitoring of a customer's IT environment for suspicious activity, incident detection and notification by EiQ's SOC team, as well as management and maintenance of the SecureVue application deployed on-premise. The analysts will also provide a regular review and advice on an organization's security and compliance posture and on-demand investigative analysis. Customers can also receive compliance reports.

"Organizations are struggling to find qualified security professionals to monitor their environments for security and compliance issues, as well as finding the time and funding required for these types of resources within the organization,” said Larry Wilson, information security lead at University of Massachusetts, in a statement.  

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