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Dell SecureWorks Launches New Vulnerability Management Services

Dell SecureWorks Launches Vulnerability Management Offering for Virtual and Cloud Deployments

Looking to attract more business customers to the cloud, Dell SecureWorks announced on Monday that they were launching a new Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) and Web Application Scanning service (WAS).

Each of the two add-on services are available to Dell’s Public Cloud customers, as well as their Dedicated Cloud customers. In addition, customers of VMware vCenter 5 can purchase the VMS and WAS offerings too. According to Dell, these are just two of the planned security-based offerings that are planned for the coming months, though they didn’t expand on that with any additional details.

The VMS offering from Dell will conduct on-demand or scheduled vulnerability scans of cloud services and apps. The WAS focuses on cloud-based apps only, but does the same thing. If vulnerabilities are found during the scanning process, the organization immediately receives recommendations on how to address them. In addition, the VMS and WAS offerings are automatically updated to scan for new vulnerabilities. This, Dell says, will allow an organization to detect the latest threats.

Dell points out that Web applications are one of the most common entry points for cyber attackers, but fails to mention that scanning alone isn’t the answer. Once a flaw has been discovered, it has to be fixed, and that fix tested to ensure that other issues haven’t been introduced. A secure development lifecycle isn’t as simple as point and click.

The WAS and VMS offerings are part of Dell’s Global Threat Intelligence Service. Further information is available online.

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