Security Experts:

Damballa and ForeScout Partner on Threat Protection

Damballa, a provider of threat protection and containment solutions, and ForeScout Technologies, a provider of network security solutions, have teamed up in an effort to enhance visibility and automate remediation of advanced threats within enterprise networks.

By identifying evidence of malicious network traffic in real time, Damballa Failsafe helps discover and validate successful infections, giving incident responders the ability to pinpoint compromised devices and quickly mitigate risk.

As part of ForeScout’s ControlFabric Technology Partner Program, which allows IT security products and management systems to share information and automate remediation actions, Damballa Failsafe is now integrated with ForeScout CounterACT, enabling customers to automatically quarantine or log devices deemed ‘infected’ by Damballa.

CounterACT receives the malware details from Damballa Failsafe and allows enterprises to take actions based on triggered policies, which can quarantine infected endpoints, isolate the communications channels of breached systems, block the infection source or automatically install hot patches as needed on endpoints, according to the announcement.

“ForeScout‘s ControlFabric provides an open approach to integrate with CounterACT and deliver additional intelligence and policy coordination necessary to advance endpoint protection, continuous monitoring and mitigation capabilities,” said Paul Rolfe, vice president of alliances at Damballa. “We are delighted to partner with ForeScout as the value of the Damballa and ForeScout interoperability helps enterprises enhance incident response efficiency and minimize business risk from advanced threats.”

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