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Cybersecurity and Donald Trump: Where Do We Go From Here?

(InfosecIsland) - Given the unforeseen results of the 2016 US Presidential election, it is hard to predict the future, particularly in sorting out campaign promises from policy intent.

In general, President-elect Donald Trump’s pro-jobs, pro-business resolve will likely loosen constraints on companies in terms of industry regulations and taxation while supporting employee expansion and capital investments. Trump will need to reconcile his image as a populist Washington outsider who will champion the common man with the business leader that will ease burdens and restrictions.

Changes are most certainly going to be made to cybersecurity. The election itself was tarnished with security issues that created at the very least tension, and at its pinnacle, a kind of hysteria. A string of email attacks that ensnared DNC leaders and even Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager revealed the impact that cyberwarfare can have on a national election.

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