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Facebook said it blocked some 30 accounts on its platform and 85 more on Instagram after police warned they may be linked to "foreign entities" trying to interfere in the US midterm election. [Read More]
Iran accused Israel on Monday of launching a failed cyber attack against its communications systems. [Read More]
An IRC bot built using Pearl is targeting IoT devices and Linux servers, but can also affect Windows systems and Android devices, Trend Micro warns. [Read More]
The office of Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who is also the Republican gubernatorial nominee, said it is investigating the state Democratic Party in connection with an alleged attempt to hack Georgia's online voter database [Read More]
Ex-CIA employee accused of providing the Vault7 hacking files to WikiLeaks faces new charges after allegedly continuing leaks from prison [Read More]
Radisson Hotel Group informed members of its rewards program that their personal data may have been stolen by hackers [Read More]
Australian defence firm Austral, which has major US Navy contracts, has admitted its personnel files were breached and that it was the subject of an extortion attempt [Read More]
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced charges against Chinese and Taiwan companies for theft of an estimate $8.75 billion worth of trade secrets from US semiconductor giant Micron. [Read More]
US spending on intelligence has soared under President Donald Trump, as the government stepped up cyber warfare activities and boosted spying on North Korea, China and Russia. [Read More]
Shape Security, a provider of bot protection and anti-automation solutions, has raised $26 million in growth capital, bringing the total raised by the company to $132 million. [Read More]


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Even organizations with the most robust defense solutions and advanced automated technologies cannot effectively combat threats such as BEC without the adequate support and nuanced expertise of humans.
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It remains to be seen whether more legitimate web operations will embrace the approach, but you can count on illegitimate and malicious use of cryptomining to grow robustly.
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Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the economics of cybercrime, with a noticeable impact on threat actors’ Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s).
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Even though I've been analyzing malware for the past 20 years, I do understand that internet security is not merely a technical problem, but also a business problem.
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Take a step back and realize that cryptocurrency mining is really just another form of malware, which is something you should be good at finding already.
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DMARC is an email authentication standard designed to eliminate phishing and other types of attack that use spoofing to misrepresent an email sender identity.
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With better security practices both on an individual and organizational level, you can mitigate the risk of cryptocurrency fraud while remaining an active user.
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The most technically sophisticated use detailed social engineering techniques, zero-day exploits and weaknesses in the supply chain.
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I think it’s largely understood that the rise of a virtual, anonymized and easy-to-use payment system was a key factor in making ransomware the phenomenon it is today.
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The internet drives much of the world’s intelligence gathering, but its rapid evolution and lack of flexible policy-making is affecting how analysts do their jobs.