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A vulnerability dubbed 'StrandHogg' has been exploited by malicious Android apps and hundreds of popular applications are at risk of being targeted. [Read More]
RevengeHotels cybercrime campaign has targeted at least 20 hotels in Latin America and Europe. [Read More]
A worldwide law enforcement operation has resulted in the Imminent Monitor Remote Access Trojan (IM-RAT) being taken down completely. [Read More]
Adobe-owned Magento informs customers that their Magento Marketplace account information was accessed by hackers. [Read More]
Dexphot malware has been leveraging numerous techniques for evasion, including random file names, fileless installation, and polymorphism. [Read More]
A man convicted of murder 37 years ago has the right to be forgotten and have his name removed from online search results, Germany's highest court ruled. [Read More]
Kilos is a new dark web search engine that goes where Google doesn't and works by searching through multiple dark web markets for specified products. [Read More]
Google sent out over 12,000 state-sponsored phishing warnings to users in 149 countries in the third quarter of 2019. [Read More]
South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit announced that hackers managed to steal $49 million in Ethereum. [Read More]
On The Border informs customers that a payment processing system used by its restaurants was infected with malware for several months. [Read More]


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Justin Fier's picture
The origin story of Mimikatz — a post-exploitation module that has enabled criminals to steal millions of passwords around the world — reads like an over-the-top spy thriller.
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
The abundance of compromised card data and other assets available online continues to hinder the fight against card-not-present (CNP) fraud.
Alastair Paterson's picture
Cybercriminals rely on tried and trusted methods for phishing; as long as there is even a four percent chance that phishing techniques will be successful, they will continue to use them.
Stan Engelbrecht's picture
The current state of automated teller machine (ATM) security is far from optimal, but the unique security challenges around ATMs make improvements difficult.
Justin Fier's picture
Against the ongoing backdrop of cyber conflict between nation states and escalating warnings from the Department of Homeland Security, critical infrastructure is becoming a central target for threat actors.
Preston Hogue's picture
There have been so many high-profile breaches that a person’s entire life could be laid out, triangulated and, ultimately, faked by someone with the wrong set of intentions.
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“Evasive phishing" is not a term much heard, but we all will—and need to—start talking a lot more about it than we have in the past.
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BEC is becoming increasingly profitable for threat actors as organizations are making it easy for adversaries to gain access to the valuable information that sits within these inboxes.
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We should be thinking about how users work, what they do and how it affects the security posture of the business, but does security really start with them?
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As we continue to gear up for an increase in shopping this holiday season, remember that attackers continue to innovate and update their training and skills regularly.