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Cyber-Ark Launches Solution to Secure and Audit Privileged Accounts on UNIX

Cyber-Ark Software on Wednesday released its new SSH Proxy solution, an offering designed to secure, audit, and report on privileged SSH activity within UNIX environments.

The solution is available as part of the company’s Privileged Session Management (PSM) suite, and monitors and records command-level activity, protects against malware-based attacks and provides real-time intelligence on malicious activity without changing SSH session workflows, Cyber-Ark said. 

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"Unsecured critical access points are a threat to all sensitive corporate data and systems and represent the greatest security challenge most businesses will face," Adam Bosnian, EVP Americas & Corp. Development at Cyber-Ark Software, told SecurityWeek in November 2012.

Privileged access points consist of privileged and administrative accounts, default and hardcoded passwords, and application backdoors, Bosnian explained at the time.

Cyber-Ark’s solutions are designed to protect these powerful privileged accounts from both malicious and unintentional access.

“The availability of PSM SSH Proxy serves to further reduce an organization’s ‘attack surface’ by limiting the scope of what privileged users are allowed to do within UNIX environments,” the company said.

The new solution is native and does not interfere with the administrator’s existing workflow in UNIX/Linux and network environments using SSH or Telnet.

Additionally, it isolates the administrator’s workstation from the target server or device, routing all administrative traffic to come through a jump server, which serves as a single control point preventing attackers from bypassing the privileged account protection and audit system, the company said.

Finally, centralized policy management helps ensure that systems comply with relevant regulations while providing organizations with incident response and security operations tools.

Cyber-Ark’s Privileged Session Management Suite can also integrate into SIEM systems to help provide real-time alerts while identifying the users and activities performed during a privileged session.

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