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Cryptography Expert to Audit OpenVPN

VPN service provider Private Internet Access has contracted cryptography expert Matthew Green to conduct a comprehensive audit of the open-source VPN application OpenVPN.

Green, who is a professor of computer science and researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, was also involved in auditing the file and disk encryption software TrueCrypt as part of the Open Crypto Audit Project (OCAP).

The expert has been tasked with finding vulnerabilities in OpenVPN 2.4, which is currently a release candidate (rc1). Green will analyze the source code available on GitHub and the results will be compared to the final version of OpenVPN 2.4.

Private Internet Access will make the results of the audit public, but not before ensuring that OpenVPN patches the vulnerabilities discovered by Green.

“The OpenVPN 2.4 audit is important for the entire community because OpenVPN is available on almost every platform and is used in many applications from consumer products such as Private Internet Access VPN to business software such as Cisco AnyConnect,” explained Caleb Chen of Private Internet Access.

“Instead of going for a crowdfunded approach, Private Internet Access has elected to fund the entirety of the OpenVPN 2.4 audit ourselves because of the integral nature of OpenVPN to both the privacy community as a whole and our own company,” Chen added.

In the case of TrueCrypt, auditors determined that it does not contain any backdoors or severe design flaws, but the software’s anonymous developers decided to abandon the project before the completion of the audit.

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