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Critical Vulnerability Found in Sunhillo Aerial Surveillance Product

An unauthenticated OS command injection vulnerability in the Sunhillo SureLine application could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges, according to security researchers with the NCC Group.

Sunhillo is an established name in aerial vehicle surveillance and tracking, and SureLine represents the core software that powers the company’s surveillance tools and products.

On its website, the company says it “handles all life-cycle aspects of surveillance data distribution systems for the Federal Aviation Administration, US Military, civil aviation authorities, and national defense organizations across the globe.”

Tracked as CVE-2021-36380, the critical OS command injection flaw that NCC Group’s Liam Glanfield discovered could allow an attacker to establish an interactive channel with the affected device, taking control of it.

Successful exploitation of the vulnerability could lead to complete system compromise. Having full control of the device, an attacker could cause a denial of service condition or establish persistence on the network.

The issue was identified in the /cgi/networkDiag.cgi script, which “directly incorporated user-controllable parameters within a shell command, allowing an attacker to manipulate the resulting command by injecting valid OS command input,” Glanfield explains.

Command injection was possible using $() and running the arbitrary commands within the parenthesis. By using a crafted POST request, the attacker could inject a command to establish a reverse TCP connection to another system, resulting in an interactive remote shell session that provides the attacker with full control of the system.

“For example the attacker could add a SSH public key into /home/root/.ssh/authorized_keys and gain access as the root user,” Glanfield says.

The vulnerability was reported to Sunhillo on June 21 and a patch was released on July 22, in Sunhillo SureLine version Users are advised to update to the patched version as soon as possible.

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