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Corero Launches New DDoS Protection Appliances for Service Providers

As competition in the market for DDoS protection solutions heats up, Corero Network Security, a provider of network security solutions, has announced a new series of appliances designed to help service providers defend against powerful DDoS attacks.

Today, the Hudson, Massachusetts-based company introduced the Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS), a family of security appliances that enable service providers to deliver “First Line of Defense”, always on, threat protection and visibility to their customers.

A one-quarter wide, 1RU form factor appliance delivers 10Gbps of full-duplex performance and allows customers to benefit from progressive inspection, threat detection and policy-based protection with always on visibility, while a full 1 RU appliance delivers 40Gbps of performance. The company also offers a larger 4 RU appliance that the company says is capable of delivering 160Gbps of performance.  

According to the company, the Corero SmartWall TDS offers the following DDoS protection features and capabilities.

Network Threat Defense – Built to protect against Layers 3 and 4 attacks using IP address blocking, SYN flood protection, TCP/UDP rate control and Client-Server connection limiting.

Application Threat Defense – The Corero SmartWall TDS defends against Layer 7 (application layer) attacks using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) of Layer 7 protocols and payloads in combination with behavioral anomaly detection.

Network Forensics – Supports 10Gbps line rate packet capture to enable network forensics of security incidents.

Network Bypass – Utilizes zero power network bypass technology to eliminate service downtime in the event of power or equipment failure, or during routine maintenance and configuration upgrades.

Pricing for the SmartWall TDS appliances start at $250,000 for a 40Gbps configuration.

The launch of Corero’s SmartWall TDS line comes as several other vendors have announced new product and service offerings designed to help enterprises and service providers protect against the evolving and growing threat of DDoS attacks.

Last month, A10 Networks unveiled its Thunder TPS series of appliances, which offer DDoS mitigation capacity ranging from 38 Gbps to 155 Gbps (and up to 1.2 Tbps in a cluster) throughput, according to the company.

Just last week, Defense.Net, a startup dedicated to combating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, launched DDoS Frontline, a cloud-based DDoS attack mitigation service. 

In an effort to boost its DDoS protection offerings, Akamai Technology recently paid $370 million in cash to acquire DDoS protection firm Prolexic. 

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