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CloudFlare Launches Enterprise Web Security, Performance Offerings

Web performance and security firm, CloudFlare, this week announced launched new services with increased performance and features designed to address the needs of larger businesses.

The two new offerings, CloudFlare Business and CloudFlare Enterprise, are built on top of the company’s infrastructure and provide services including broader DDoS Protection, WAN Optimization, content delivery, higher levels of support and more.

CloudFlare LogoThe company said CloudFlare Business costs $200 per month, with CloudFlare Enterprise, which starts at $3,000 per month, adds higher levels of customer support, greater customization, and full service level agreements. The business-oriented plans also include new offerings including CloudFlare's Advanced DDoS Protection and CloudFlare's Railgun™ WAN Optimization. The company also lists an impressive 2500% service level agreement for its enterprise plan along with 24/7 phone support.

CloudFlare’s infrastructure is currently built across 14 data centers around the world that it uses to “clean and accelerate” its customers' web traffic. The company says that every month, its platform sees more than 50 billion page views served to more than 475 million people.

CloudFlare solutions can be deployed in minutes in front of any web architecture without the need for any hardware, software, or code modifcation.

Last summer, the company raised $20 million in funding and gained some media attention, along with some criticism, for providing services to the hacking group LulzSec in order to keep its website ( online and protected.

The company also recently found it self as a target and experienced an incident that resulted in a hacker being able to successfully redirect web traffic of one of the company’s largest clients, though the core CloudFlare platform itself was not affected or compromised.  

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