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Cisco Launches New Email Security Services

Cisco today announced new security products and services aimed at protecting email users from malware and phishing and spoofing attacks.

With malicious emails and spam continuing to be popular tools for cybercriminals looking to distribute malware, organizations should focus on protecting their domains from becoming the delivery mechanism of malicious emails, as well as defending users from phishing and spoofing attacks, Cisco says.

Through an OEM agreement with Agari, Cisco is now better positioned to market and sell new services that enhance its Email Security and is offering new email security services to its customers, namely Cisco Domain Protection and Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection.

Domain Protection prevents phishing through automated use of email authentication, and can also protect from fraud and maintain email governance through the analysis, updating, and auctioning against the misuse of domains to send malicious email.

It employs the Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) email authentication standard and delivers real-time reporting about noncompliant emails sent from a domain.

Advanced Phishing Protection, on the other hand, leverages machine learning to block “advanced identity deception attacks for inbound email by assessing its threat posture.” The new service validates the reputation and authenticity of senders to help organizations discover emails carrying targeted phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

To prevent malware attacks before they can hurt individuals or organizations, Cisco has added new capabilities to its Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints. The cloud-managed endpoint security solution now includes the necessary mechanisms to prevent fileless attacks, ransomware execution, and crypto-mining malware from infecting a system, the company says.

AMP also offers threat investigation features, courtesy of Cisco Visibility, a new cloud application built into the endpoint console. The solution combines threat intelligence from Talos and third parties with internal data (security events and alerts) from an organization’s infrastructure.

Cisco also promises fast access to data from Talos, Cisco Umbrella Investigate, Threat Grid, AMP, and other sources, all in a single place.

Through an expanded relationship with ConnectWise, Cisco Security is available for managed service providers (MSP) to include in their portfolio, thus making the new capabilities available to customers of all sizes.

A new ConnectWise Advanced Security Dashboard cloud management platform is available as part of the expanded relationship, complementing ConnectWise Unite with Cisco, the existing portal for MSPs.

The new Dashboard, which launches on April 19, offers the ability to deliver managed security services with Cisco’s AMP for Endpoints, Umbrella, Stealthwatch Cloud, Adaptive Security Appliances, Next-Generation Firewall, and Meraki MX appliances. 

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