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Chrome Throws Flash Into the Sandbox

Chrome Throws Flash Into the Sandbox

Google today introduced a new beta version of its Chrome Web Browser which extends its sandboxing technology to include the Flash Player plug-in. "Sandboxing" technology is a method of isolating an application from the rest of the operating system and tightly controlling its resources.

According to Google, the new sandboxing feature adds an additional layer of protection and will help protect users against malicious pages that attempt to hijack systems or steal information from the system.

Initially only available in Windows versions of Chrome, Google has plans to add the sandboxed Flash Player to Chrome for Mac and Linux in the future.

Adobe recently added Sandboxing technology to the latest release of its popular Adobe Acrobat Reader product which has had many security vulnerabilities exposed over the past year. 

You can download the latest Beta of Google Chrome here. (Note: Beta May not be stable) Google provided a video along with the announcement to show how the sandboxing technology works within Chrome.

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