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Privacy & Compliance

Republican Gov. Phil Scott said the legislation would have made Vermont “a national outlier and more hostile than any other state to many businesses...

Artificial Intelligence

Slack reveals it has been training AI/ML models on customer data, including messages, files and usage information. It's opt-in by default.

Vermont Legislature Passes One of the Strongest Data Privacy Measures in the Country

Privacy & Compliance

Vermont legislature passed a bill that prohibits the sale of sensitive data, such as social security and drivers’ license numbers, financial or health information.

BetterHelp Customers Begin Receiving Refund Notices From $7.8M Data Privacy Settlement, FTC Says


BetterHelp customers have started receiving refund notices from a $7.8 million data privacy settlement, the FTC says.

Maryland Governor Signs Online Data Privacy Bills

Privacy & Compliance

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore signed two measures into law that are aimed at safeguarding personal data online from Big Tech, including a bill making...

Mobile & Wireless

The Federal Communications Commission leveraged nearly $200 million in fines against wireless carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon for illegally sharing customers’ location data.