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Silicon Valley startup lands $4 million in seed funding from SYN Ventures, Okta Ventures and Secure Octane.

Cloud Security

The widely believed notion that the network and the cloud are two different and distinct entities is not true.

Silverfort Open Sources Lateral Movement Detection Tool

Network Security

Silverfort has released the source code for its lateral movement detection tool LATMA, to help identify and analyze intrusions.


Bankrupt and out of financing options, IronNet has terminated all employees and plan to file for Chapter 7 protection.

Navigating the Digital Frontier in Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023

Identity & Access

ZTNA stands out as a solution that enables organizations to minimize their attack surface while ensuring the productivity and security of their remote workforce.

SASE Firm Cato Networks Raises $238 Million at $3 Billion Valuation

Cybersecurity Funding

SASE company Cato Networks has raised $238 million in equity investment, bringing total funding to $773 million.