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Identity & Access

ZTNA stands out as a solution that enables organizations to minimize their attack surface while ensuring the productivity and security of their remote workforce.

Cybersecurity Funding

SASE company Cato Networks has raised $238 million in equity investment, bringing total funding to $773 million.

How Next-Gen Threats Are Taking a Page From APTs

Network Security

Cybercriminals are increasingly trying to find ways to get around security, detection, intelligence and controls as APTs start to merge with conventional cybercrime.


It appears to be the end of the road for IronNet, the once-promising network security play founded by former NSA director General Keith Alexander.

Investors Betting Big on Upwind for CNAPP Tech

Cloud Security

Upwind raises a total of $80 million in just 10 months as investors pour cash into startups in the cloud and data security categories.


Exploit code and root-cause analysis released by SinSinology document the problem as a case where VMware “forgot to regenerate” SSH keys.