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Apple has denied working with any government to add backdoors to its products after Russia accused the company of helping the NSA hack iPhones.

Malware & Threats

Security researchers have discovered spyware code in 101 Android applications that had over 421 million downloads in Google Play.

Google Launches Bug Bounty Program for Mobile Applications

Application Security

Google introduces Mobile VRP bug bounty program for vulnerabilities in its mobile applications.

Mobile & Wireless

Samsung smartphone users warned about CVE-2023-21492, an ASLR bypass vulnerability exploited in the wild, likely by a spyware vendor.

Mobile & Wireless

Apple has patched 3 zero-days, two of which are the vulnerabilities patched with the tech giant’s first Rapid Security Response updates.

Google Announces New Rating System for Android and Device Vulnerability Reports

Mobile & Wireless

Google is updating its vulnerability reports rating system to encourage researchers to provide more details on the reported bugs.