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Malware & Threats

A years-long espionage campaign has targeted telecoms companies in Asia with tools associated with Chinese groups.

Malware & Threats

A threat actor targeting Chinese-speaking victims has been using the SquidLoader malware loader in recent attacks.

New BadSpace Backdoor Deployed in Drive-By Attacks

Malware & Threats

The BadSpace backdoor is being distributed via drive-by attacks involving infected websites and JavaScript downloaders.

Chinese Hackers Leveraged Legacy F5 BIG-IP Appliance for Persistence

Malware & Threats

China-linked threat actor Velvet Ant leveraged a legacy F5 BIG-IP appliance for three-year access to a victim’s network.

Pakistani Threat Actors Caught Targeting Indian Gov Entities


Security researchers at Cisco Talos and Volexity flag two Pakistani espionage campaigns targeting Indian government entities.

CISA Warns of Progress Telerik Vulnerability Exploitation

Malware & Threats

CISA urges federal agencies to apply mitigations for an exploited Progress Telerik vulnerability as soon as possible.