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Malware & Threats

Cybereason GootLoader as a ‘severe’ threat, as the malware uses a combination of evasion and living off the land techniques, making its presence difficult...

Malware & Threats

The New York Office of the Attorney General has fined Patrick Hinchy and 16 of his companies for illegally promoting spyware.

Malware & Threats

Unpatched and unprotected VMware ESXi servers worldwide have been targeted in a ransomware attack exploiting a vulnerability patched in 2021.

HeadCrab Botnet Ensnares 1,200 Redis Servers for Cryptomining

Malware & Threats

The sophisticated HeadCrab malware has infected at least 1,200 Redis servers and abused them for cryptomining.


The changing nature of what we still generally call ransomware will continue through 2023, driven by three primary conditions.

Malicious NPM, PyPI Packages Stealing User Information

Malware & Threats

Security researchers are warning of a new wave of malicious NPM and PyPI packages designed to steal user information and download additional payloads.