BREAKING AT&T Data Breach: ‘Nearly All’ Wireless Customers Exposed in Massive Hack
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Data Breaches

Advance Auto Parts says the personal information of 2.3 million was compromised after hackers accessed its Snowflake account.

Fraud & Identity Theft

A threat actor tracked as CrystalRay has hit 1,500 victims since February, stealing credentials and deploying backdoors.

Microsoft Warns of Windows Hyper-V Zero-Day Being Exploited

Incident Response

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft patches more than 140 security vulnerabilities in the Windows ecosystem, including a pair of exploited zero-days.

Adobe Issues Critical Patches for Multiple Products, Warns of Code Execution Risks

Malware & Threats

Adobe documents at least seven code execution bugs affecting Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Bridge on Windows and macOS.

Europol Announces Crackdown on Cobalt Strike Servers Used by Cybercriminals

Malware & Threats

European law enforcement agency announces the takedown of nearly 600 Cobalt Strike servers linked to criminal activity.

Over 380k Hosts Still Referencing Malicious Polyfill Domain: Censys

Malware & Threats

Censys has discovered more than 380,000 hosts, including major platforms, still referencing the malicious domain.