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Malware & Threats

Zimperium has identified over 200 information-stealing Android applications targeting mobile banking users in Iran.

Malware & Threats

Threat actors have started exploiting a critical ownCloud vulnerability leading to sensitive information disclosure.

Russia’s LitterDrifter USB Worm Spreads Beyond Ukraine

Malware & Threats

Gamaredon’s self-propagating LitterDrifter USB worm spreads from Ukraine to the US and other countries.

US Teen Pleads Guilty to Credential Stuffing Attack on Fantasy Sports Website


Wisconsin teenager Joseph Garrison has admitted in court to launching a credential stuffing attack on a betting website.

Malware & Threats

CISA adds Sophos, Oracle and Microsoft product security holes to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog.

Email Security

Google says a Zimbra zero-day from earlier this year, CVE-2023-37580, was exploited in several campaigns to hack government emails.