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Cryptocurrency ATM maker General Bytes discloses a security incident resulting in the theft of millions of dollars’ worth of crypto-coins.


Conor Brian Fitzpatrick of New York was arrested and charged last week for allegedly running the popular cybercrime forum BreachForums.

Latitude Financial Services Data Breach Impacts 300,000 Customers


Latitude Financial Services says the personal information of 300,000 customers was stolen in a cyberattack.

US Charges Two Men Over Use of Hacked Law Enforcement Database for Doxing


Sagar Singh and Nicholas Ceraolo have been charged for their alleged roles in a doxing operation that involved hacking a law enforcement platform and...

Dero, Monero Cryptojackers Fighting for Same Kubernetes Clusters


Dero cryptojacking operation infecting Kubernetes infrastructure is being targeted by Monero criptojackers for control over the same clusters.

Microsoft SmartScreen Zero-Day Exploited to Deliver Magniber Ransomware


A cybercrime group has been exploiting a Microsoft SmartScreen zero-day vulnerability tracked as CVE-2023-24880 to deliver the Magniber ransomware.