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Bromium Launches New Endpoint Protection Solution

Endpoint security firm Bromium has introduced a new security offering that integrates threat isolation, threat analysis, and continuous host monitoring to help organizations lock down their endpoints.

Designed to help organizations detect and thwart targeted attacks and zero-day threats, Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10, along with Mac OS X. The solution can help can help protect unpatched machines and those connected to untrusted networks, Bromium said.

Bromium Endpoint Protection leverages micro-virtualization technology to isolate websites, email, documents, USB and executables to prevent endpoint compromise, while new continuous host monitoring can help determine safe content vs. potentially risky and known bad (blacklisted) content.

“Micro-virtualization eliminates persistence because each micro-VM is discarded when the task is completed. Hardware isolation separates an attacked system from the enterprise network, preventing malware from pivoting onto other machines,” Bromium explains.

The endpoint solution also delivers real-time attack forensics to enable an automated response to security events, and extends the in-box virtualization-based security of Windows 10, while also integrating with Windows 10 Device Guard, the company said.

More information on Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security is available online.

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