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Brazilian Army To Get Cyberwarfare Training and Security Support from Panda Security

Brazilian Army Operational Agents  to Be Trained for the Fight Against Cyber terrorism, Online Crime and Strategic Preparation for Cyberwarfare

Panda Security today announced it has signed an agreement with the Brazilian Army to support the training of its operational agents involved in the fight against cyber-terrorism, digital crime and strategic intervention for cyberwarfare. Panda Security will also provide protection to 37,500 computers belonging to the Army's Military Commands around the country with Panda Security for Enterprise, the company's endpoint protection solution.

Brazilian Army Joins Forces with Panda Security to Combat Cyber-Warfare

The agreement was announced in Sao Paulo by Panda Security CEO Juan Santana and the Brazilian Army's Commander of Communications and Cyber-Warfare, Brigadier General Antonino dos Santos Guerra Neto.

As part of this agreement, the Army's Cyberwarfare Communication Center and PandaLabs, the anti-malware laboratory of Panda Security, will work together to train those involved in the scientific and forensic investigation of cybercrime. Additionally, Panda Security will provide a rapid response malware support and classification of malicious codes affecting Brazil.

“We have approximately 60,000 computers throughout the country and we suffer an average of 100 intrusion attempts each day across our 12 IT centers," said to Brig. Gen. Santos Guerra. In comparison, the United States Department of Defense systems has more than 7 million systems that are “probed” by unauthorized users 250,000 times every hour, according to General Keith Alexander.

"Our experience with the Brazilian Army will help create a safer Web, which is one of our principal mission values and an integral part of our corporate social responsibility efforts,” said Juan Santana, CEO of Panda Security.

Brazillian Army & Panda Security Collaborate on Cybersecurity

From left to right: Joao Matos, Sales Director Panda Security Latam; Juan Santana, Panda Security CEO; Brig. Gen. Antonino dos Santos Guerra, Commander of Communications and Cyber-Warfare; Eduardo D’Antona and Ricardo Bachert, Directors of Panda Security Brazil.

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